Specify your 401(k) beneficiaries online


You Can Now Name Your 401(k) Beneficiaries Online
A new feature has been added to the Company-sponsored 401(k) plans the Capital Accumulation Plan and the Pilots Investment Plan. You may now designate your 401(k) beneficiaries by logging onto www.401k.com, selecting the Profile link, and then the Beneficiaries link.
What Do I Need to Do?
Every employee with a 401(k) balance should go online and update their beneficiary designations. You can name both primary and secondary beneficiaries. You also can name a family trust, charity, or your estate if that is your preference.
By updating your beneficiary information, you ensure that the plan administrator has your current and up-to-date beneficiary information. By having your designation online, you will have greater visibility of your named beneficiaries. It also makes it easier to update your designation when you have life events such as a marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of a child.
Many employees have not updated their designations since they first enrolled in the 401(k) plan. The Human Resources department will NOT be transferring your designation from the paper forms you completed in the past, so it is important that you enter your information soon.
The online designation applies only to the 401(k) plans. Your beneficiary designations for your life insurance, AD&D coverage, and Profit Sharing Plan (if applicable) remain on paper in your personnel file.
If you have any questions, please contact your Human Resources representative.

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