Drug-free Workplace Policy         

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Drug-Free Workplace Policy


In the interest of public and employee safety, ABX Air, Inc. is committed to a drug/alcohol-free working environment. The intent of this policy is to provide assistance to those who need it while clearly stating that the illegal use of drugs and inappropriate use of alcohol is incompatible with employment at ABX. This policy applies to all employees, applicants for employment, contracted employees, and individuals conducting business on ABXs premises.

Simply stated, it is strictly forbidden:

bulletTo possess, use, or be under the influence of alcohol, intoxicants, illegal drugs, marijuana, or other non-prescribed controlled substances during work hours and/or on company premises.
bulletTo be at work while using or being under the influence of prescribed or non-prescribed substances when such use prevents the person from performing the duties of his/her job safely.
bulletTo possess, use, manufacture, distribute, or sell illegal drugs or other non-prescribed controlled substances on or off company premises.
bulletTo receive any criminal conviction involving drugs.

Core Requirements

bulletABX will provide the resources necessary to achieve and maintain a drug/alcohol-free environment in compliance with the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988 and the Department of Transportation regulations for Drug and Alcohol programs.
bulletOur goal is to balance respect for individuals with the need to maintain a safe, productive, and drug/alcohol-free environment.
bulletSearches of ABX employees or their property such as purses, bags, toolboxes, automobiles, and lunch boxes may be conducted when there is reasonable suspicion that there is a violation of this policy or as otherwise provided by the search policy.
bulletAll information relating to drug or alcohol testing or the identification of persons as users of drugs and alcohol will be protected by ABX as confidential unless otherwise provided by law, overriding public health and safety concerns, or authorized in writing by the persons in question. Test results will be released in defense of claims against ABX Air, Inc.

Rehabilitation & Assistance

bulletABX encourages employees who believe they have an alcohol or drug problem to seek help. Employees who seek assistance and participate in treatment before committing and/or being found in violation 

of this policy will not jeopardize their continued employment.

bulletThe medical insurance program provides for payment of certain expenses related to treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction.
bulletInformation concerning the insurance program may be obtained from the Benefits Department. ABXs Employee Assistance Program will provide confidential assessment with referral to appropriate treatment services.


bulletAlcohol Use drinking any beverage, liquid mixture, or preparation (including any medication) containing alcohol, such as Nyquil, mouthwash if swallowed, liquor, beer, or non-alcoholic beer containing percent alcohol.
bulletCompany premises/facilities - all owned/leased/operated property or facilities of ABX Air, Inc., including vehicles and equipment wherever located.
bulletDrug /Alcohol testing - the scientific analysis of urine, blood, breath, saliva, hair, tissue, and other specimens of the human body for the purpose of detecting drugs, alcohol, adulterants, or substitutions.
bulletIllegal drug - any drug that is not legally obtainable, any drug that is legally obtainable but has not been legally obtained, any prescribed drug not legally obtained or not being used for the prescribed purpose or by the prescribed person, and any drug being used for a purpose not in accordance with bona fide medical therapy.
bulletLegal drug - any prescribed drug or over-the-counter drug that has been obtained and is being used for the purpose and person for which prescribed or manufactured.
bulletPositive Alcohol Test - alcohol test results of .04 percent or higher.
bulletPositive Drug test - drug test results at or in excess of ABX minimum testing levels.
bulletUnder the Influence alcohol test results of .02 -.039 percent.


Drug & Alcohol Testing

ABX requires employees to submit to blood, urine, breath, or other tests to determine the use of alcohol, intoxicants, illegal drugs, or other controlled substances in the following situations:

bulletApplicant pre-employment testing.
bulletReasonable suspicion of violation of this policy.
bulletImmediately after direct/indirect involvement in an incident or accident causing or contributing to the death of any person, injury to any person requiring medical treatment in a hospital, clinic or doctors office, or substantial damage to property or equipment.
bulletAnytime there is no logical explanation for the sequence of events relating to an accident or following a series of minor accidents.
bulletFollow up alcohol testing after an alcohol result of .02 - .039 percent.
bulletAs required or allowed by the Department Of Transportation or other regulatory agencies.

Corrective Action

Violations of this policy will result in corrective action up to and including termination. Specifically, test results indicating:

bulletBeing under the influence of alcohol (.02-.039%), will result in issuance of a final written warning for the first incident and subject the employee to unannounced follow-up alcohol testing. Subsequent incidents of the same will result in termination.
bulletA positive alcohol test will result in termination of employment.
bulletA positive drug test will result in termination of employment.
bulletRefusing to submit immediately to a requested drug or alcohol test or tampering with, altering, adulterating, or substituting a test specimen (or attempting any of the same) will result in termination of employment.
bulletRefusing to allow a search will result in termination of employment.

Employee Responsibility

bulletRead and understand the substance abuse awareness information.
bulletReport to work and perform duties free of impairment due to the effects of alcohol, illegal drugs, and/or other prescribed or non-prescribed controlled substances.
bulletPromote and contribute to a drug-free workplace by reporting suspected violators.
bulletComply immediately with any testing request.
bulletComply immediately with any search request.
bulletNotify management within five calendar days of any drug or alcohol criminal conviction.
bulletSeek diagnosis and treatment for alcohol and/or drug problems prior to violation of policy.

Leadership Responsibility

bulletKnow the signs and symptoms of substance abuse and be aware of the condition of the workforce.
bulletRemove impaired employee from the workplace.
bulletAssure that appropriate drug and/or alcohol testing is conducted when necessary.
bulletDocument the incident leading to a decision to conduct alcohol and/or drug tests.
bulletNotify Employee Relations as soon as possible after the incident.
bulletKeep all information regarding drug and/or alcohol situations confidential.
bulletParticipate in Substance Abuse training and stay current.

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Revised: December 17, 2012.

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