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What Internet browser are you using?
Make sure that you are using Internet Explorer Version 8 or better. Using Internet Explorer should solve most of your connection problems. If you are a Mac user please download Internet Explorer from any source online. It is free. 

Did you enter your logon information correctly?
Make sure that you have entered your logon information correctly.  For example, let's say your name is John Q. Pilot and your social security number is 123-45-6789.  You should enter the following information:

User name:     jqpilot

Password:      jp6789

Domain:         abxair

Remember to use lower case letters when entering this information.

Some of you may not have a middle initial or may not have included it when you filled out the personal information form when you were hired.  Therefore, you may want to try logging in as follows:

User name:     jpilot

Password:      jp6789

Domain:         abxair


What should you do if you are still experiencing problems?
Please send an email to fts@abxair.com  In your message body, please provide the following information:

A brief description of the problem.

List the browser you are currently using (IE, Netscape, etc.).

List the Internet Service Provider (ISP) you are using (AOL, Earthlink, etc.).

List your connection speed (28.8k, 56k, etc.).

You will receive a prompt response and every effort will be made to help you solve your problem.


Popup Blockers and Spyware
Any popup blocker or certain spyware software can interfere with access to the FlightWeb. If you are having connection problems, please disable these programs while accessing the FlightWeb. Google toolbar for example, comes with its own popup blocker. On occasion this has prevented access to FlightWeb. It is simple to disable. REMEMBER: once you are done with FlightWeb, reactivate those programs.

ActiveX Controls
ActiveX controls are small program building blocks that serve to create distributed applications that work over the Internet through web browsers. Examples include customized applications for gathering data, viewing certain kinds of files, and displaying animation. Sometimes you cannot access something on the web without use of an ActiveX control. In this instance it appears to you that the website is inaccessible. All you need do is install an activeX program and the site will be accessible. Be careful some sites offering activeX installations are in fact malicious spyware. If you have Google toolbar you will probably need an ActiveX program to access the FlightWeb. Just click on the Google border above the window that shows the website as inaccessible. That will load a reputable ActiveX for use and allow you to display the site.

If you have found a bug and would like to report it, just send an email to fts@abxair.com

 Proxy Servers
One of the problems experienced when trying to access the website is having the LOGON not appear, or function at all. Many times this problem can be traced back to a "Default Proxy Server" loaded into your windows system. To check this out you'll need to go to your "Control Panel" and then click on "Internet Options". Once inside "Internet Options" click on the tab labeled "Connections". You will want to go to "Local Area Network (LAN)".

Once inside the LAN window, look to the bottom window labeled "Proxy Server". If the small check box is checked, UNCHECK it now. That will disable the proxy server which may be interfering with your access to the LOGON.