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How to Earn Medical Premium Discounts in 2019

Complete just ONE of the following programs each quarter,

and receive the wellness medical premium discount the following quarter.

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Learn about YOU with an online health assessment and wellness modules. To earn the wellness medical premium discount:

  1. Enroll at www.myuhc.com
  2. Complete an online health assessment.
  3. Complete two modules per quarter.

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Keep active with a nifty fitness tracking device! To earn the wellness medical premium discount:

  1. Complete a form to purchase your FitBit through payroll deduction:
    - FitBit Form (AMES)
    - FitBit Form (all other companies)
  2. Average 6,000 steps daily over the course of each quarter.

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Real Appeal

Real Appeal

Manage your weight and feel great! To earn the wellness medical premium discount:

  1. Enroll at healthydirections.realappeal.com.
  2. Complete one coaching session in the 1st quarter.
  3. Complete ten online sessions per quarter.

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Livongo Diabetes Management

Take charge of diabetes. Be the boss.

  1. Enroll at livongo.com. (You must have Company medical insurance to participate).
  2. Receive your meter kit and unlimited supply of testing strips at no cost to you.
  3. Continue to monitor your numbers daily.

What's holding you back from a healthier - and wealthier - 2019?

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For more information, email abx.benefits@abxair.com
or contact your Human Resources Representative.

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Wellness News

Wellness Warrior Program

Do you have an active lifestyle? Do you enjoy time outdoors, hiking, walking the dog, maybe hunting, fishing, river rafting - or even just a nice walk to the mailbox? Or maybe hitting the gym for a good workout is your thing. Perhaps you love the peacefulness of yoga and meditation, or preparing healthy meals. If so... you might be a Wellness Warrior!

Submit a photo showing yourself doing your favorite wellness activity and you might receive some cool wellness gear! Submit all photos with your name and employee number to abx.benefits@abxair.com.