Paid Time Off Policy
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ABX Air offers a paid time off (PTO) program to allow employees paid time away from work for their personal needs, while recognizing their individual responsibility to manage their paid time off. This program is more flexible for employees and the company, and will allow you to better distribute your available time to fit your needs. Sick time is not included in PTO, and is covered in the Sick Time Policy.

Underlying Principles

You earn time off according to the following schedule, based on your years of service with ABX Air.

PTO Accruals

  0 to 5 years 6 to 15 years 16 to 20 years
Maximum hours per year:




Accrual rate per paid hour (in hours):




Accrual rate per 80-hour pay period (in hours):




Maximum days per year:




Maximum PTO Balance (in days):




Every pay period, the number of hours that you were paid (up to a maximum of 80) will be multiplied by the applicable accrual rate per paid hour. The resulting number of PTO hours will be added to your PTO bank and will be available to you the following pay period. This time can be accumulated up to a maximum PTO balance of 1.25 times your annual maximum accrual per year. If you reach the maximum PTO balance, you will stop accruing more PTO until you get your balance back below the maximum.

Upon termination of employment, your remaining PTO balance is paid out to you.


Holidays are included in the PTO bank. You will no longer be awarded a separate paid holiday on the day of the holiday. This means that you will have to anticipate upcoming holidays in advance and make sure that you have the PTO hours to cover them. If you do not have sufficient hours, and your work area is closed on a holiday, you will not be paid for the hours off that you were not able to cover. ABX Air will designate 6 holidays per year. They are:

bulletNew Year’s Day
bulletMemorial Day
bulletIndependence Day
bulletLabor Day
bulletThanksgiving Day
bulletChristmas Day

All hourly employees who are required to work on one of these designated holidays will be paid an additional half-time holiday premium for all hours worked between midnight and midnight on the actual calendar holiday.

Your manager will let you know the work/closure schedule for these holidays as far in advance as practical.


All regular part-time and full-time employees are eligible to earn paid time off immediately upon beginning their full-time or part-time position. They may schedule paid time off with their supervisor as soon as it is available in their PTO bank at the end of the payroll cycle each pay period.

Employee Role & Responsibility

bulletSchedule paid time off in advance with your immediate supervisor.
bulletMaintain an adequate balance to cover your time off; otherwise time off will be unpaid.

Management Role & Responsibility


Management is responsible for scheduling PTO in a way that balances the time off requests of the employees with the staffing needs of the company. ABX Air reserves the right to cancel previously approved PTO if unexpected circumstances arise.


Supervisors are responsible for recording PTO in the payroll system.

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