Assigning Pay Grades to Jobs Policy
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Pay and benefits are the compensation that we receive for our work. To build trust, it is important that our compensation system be fair and equitable

Core Requirements

bulletWe take into account factors such as: What other employers pay, supply and demand, location, and the Company’s financial situation.
bulletAll positions must have accurate, up-to-date job descriptions. These job descriptions are used by the Compensation section of Human Resources to compare the duties and responsibilities of the position to other positions within the company and outside the company.
bulletThis policy applies to all non-bargaining unit positions, part-time, full-time, and casual.

Evaluation of New/Revised Positions

When Compensation receives a new or revised job description, Compensation personnel will discuss it with the manager of the department. Once they have an understanding of the purpose of the position and the requirements of the applicants, they will conduct a review. This review will look at the compensation levels of similar positions at ABX and at other employers in order to determine a competitive pay range. Upon completion of the review, a pay grade will be recommended and submitted to the Vice President of Human Resources for approval.

Annual Pay Plan Review

All positions are reviewed as part of the annual pay plan review. This review is done with the input of managers from each major department.

Employee Responsibility

bulletEmployees may be asked for assistance in writing or updating job descriptions. These must be written as clearly and accurately as possible.

Leadership Responsibility

bulletMaintain accurate and up-to-date job descriptions for all positions on the approved form.
bulletProvide copies of all job descriptions to the Compensation section of Human Resources.
bulletDiscuss with Compensation any recruitment or retention issues that are believed to relate to the pay grade to which a position is assigned.
bulletAs new positions are created, new job descriptions must be written which accurately define the job, and an appropriate pay grade assigned by Compensation before the position is posted or filled.

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