Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
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At ABX Air, Inc., we value our people, and the quality and customer satisfaction that results from their diversity. We are committed to the philosophy, principle, and practice of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO). ABX Air is committed to proactively ensuring that all decisions related to recruitment, hiring, selection for training, transfer, promotion, layoff, or for other terms of employment are made fairly and without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, protected veteran status, military status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, disability, or any other protected classes mandated by federal, state or local laws.

The Director of Human Resources is ABX Air’s EEO Officer. The EEO Officer is responsible for overseeing compliance of the Affirmative Action Plan and Diversity Initiatives.

Core Requirements

  • You have an individual responsibility to observe this policy and to maintain a work environment that prevents any form of harassment or discrimination.
  • If you are found to have engaged in discriminatory conduct or harassment, you are subject to immediate disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.
  • This policy extends to all aspects of the employment relationship including hiring, training, promotion, compensation, benefits, transfers, working conditions, leaves of absences, layoffs, and termination.
  • Upon request, ABX Air will make reasonable accommodations for qualified employees or applicants with disabilities or for employees to participate in religious observances and practices unless such an accommodation would cause undue hardship. The determination will be made on a case-by-case basis. Management will consider factors such as safety, cost, impact on operation, and resulting personnel problems when making the determination for reasonable accommodations.
  • ABX Air pledges itself to a program of affirmative action aimed at assuring true equality in employment and a work environment free from discrimination. The Affirmative Action Plan is to ensure that all employees receive equal opportunity limited only by each employee’s desire and ability.
  • ABX Air opposes employment discrimination because such bias undermines our commitment to provide a reward system based on merit and job performance.
  • ABX Air values and promotes diversity as a strategic advantage. Diversity refers to human differences, including those based on culture, ethnicity, religion, gender, and age.

Affirmative Action Plan and Diversity Initiatives

  • We will periodically communicate our Equal Employment Opportunity Policy to all employees, as well as to the general public and all recruiting sources.
  • We will direct active recruiting efforts at those recruiting sources most likely to provide the most diverse population of candidates.
  • We will continuously review and evaluate employee selection procedures to ensure that employment standards and selection criteria are related to job requirements.
  • We maintain audit and reporting procedures to assess the extent to which diversity is represented throughout our company.
  • We actively support local and community action programs designed to improve the overall diversity of our company.
  • We constantly attend to the work environment to keep the workplace free of any form of harassment or discrimination of our employees.
  • We arrange EEO and diversity awareness training for all members of management.
  • We respond promptly to and investigate employee’s complaints or inquiries regarding on-the-job discrimination.
  • We compile data for required EEO reports and auditing of employment practices and procedures.

Employee Responsibility

  • Respect the rights of your co-workers and avoid discriminatory or harassing conduct.
  • Understand this policy and assist management in resolving issues or concerns of equal or fair treatment within ABX Air, Inc.
  • Contact management or Human Resources immediately if you become aware of any act of discrimination or harassment.

Leadership Responsibility

  • Create and maintain a work environment free of discrimination and harassment.
  • Actively support the Affirmative Action Plan and Diversity Initiatives.
  • Administer and establish work methods, procedures, programs, and policies that comply with the Equal Employment Opportunity Policy.
  • Attend the company-sponsored Diversity and Workplace Harassment training.
  • Promptly investigate every complaint of discrimination or harassment and take corrective action to prevent prohibited conduct from recurring.
  • Maintain complete documentation of any allegation of harassment or discrimination, investigation, and any remedial action.
  • Involve Human Resources in all claims of discrimination or harassment.

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