Holiday Policy
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Holidays are important to the people of ABX Air. ABX provides nine paid holidays per year to part-time and full-time employees.

Core Requirements

Observed Holidays

ABX Air provides nine paid holidays tied to the following national holidays:

bulletNew Year’s Day
bulletMemorial Day
bulletFourth of July
bulletLabor Day
bulletThanksgiving Day
bulletDay after Thanksgiving
bulletChristmas Eve Day
bulletChristmas Day
bulletNew Year’s Eve Day

Because the length of the workday varies throughout the week for some employees, Holidays are awarded as whole days. The number of hours of pay that an employee will receive for a particular holiday will depend on the number of hours that the employee would typically have worked on the day that they used the holiday. This ensures that the employee will be paid for the entire day, and that their pay will be the same on a week that contains a holiday as it is on a regular week. However, it does cause some considerations that you need to be aware of:

bulletHolidays must be used in whole days because they are awarded and tracked in whole days.
bulletIf you change from part-time to full-time, or vice-versa, the value of that holiday will change. It is worth one day of work at the time it is used, not the time it is awarded.

The Company will give the employees as much advance notice as possible in determining the operational schedule so employees will be able to make their holiday arrangements.

In order to meet the needs of our customers, employees may be scheduled to work on the actual holidays.

Floating Holidays

A floating holiday is a paid day off you can use within 12 months from the time earned.

If a designated holiday falls on your normally scheduled day off, you will receive a floating holiday. Also, if you work on a designated holiday, you may choose to receive a floating holiday in lieu of holiday pay.

Religious Observances

Any employee wishing to take unpaid time off for religious reasons should advise their supervisor in writing as far in advance as possible. The company will attempt to accommodate the request.

Eligible Employees

Part- and full-time employees

Holiday Pay & Holiday Premium

Employees who are required to work on a designated holiday will be paid their normal rate of pay plus an additional half-time premium (Holiday Premium) for the hours worked or regularly scheduled hours, whichever is greater, and either holiday pay (additional straight time for regularly scheduled hours) or a floating holiday in lieu of holiday pay. Exception: Exempt employees who work a designated holiday will receive a floating holiday in addition to their regular pay.

In order to receive holiday pay, or for the holiday to be considered a day worked for premium purposes, the employee must have either worked, or had a pre-approved scheduled paid day before and after the designated holiday. Effective May 4, 2009, you will no longer be eligible to receive holiday pay or holiday premium if you call in sick the day before or after a holiday, even if you have sick time to cover the absence.

Supervisors must not split employees’ paid time off into two partial days in order to qualify them for holiday pay. Employees who do not have a paid day before or after the holiday will not receive holiday pay or a floating holiday, with the exception of the non-paid personal day, military leave, or company-authorized days off.

Employees who normally are scheduled to work the day of a designated holiday and who are not required to work will receive holiday pay (straight time) but no floating holiday.

Employees on Leave of Absence and receiving pay through Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability, or Workers’ Compensation do not receive holiday pay or a floating holiday unless the employee also is receiving compensation, such as paid vacation through ABX payroll.

Core Responsibility

Employees who receive a floating holiday in lieu of holiday pay need to schedule their floaters in advance with their supervisors.

Management will be responsible for the accuracy of ATS and AS400 coding for holiday pay.

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