ID Badge and Airport Security Policy
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ABX Air, Inc. operates on federally regulated airports and other secured facilities where security is of national concern. We require that all ABX Air employees comply with all regulations issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and/or the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

To ensure the safety and security of all employees, an identification (ID) badge issued by ABX Air and an airport access identification badge (if applicable) must be worn at or above waist level and displayed at all times while on airport property.

Core Requirements: ID Badges

bulletHuman Resources will issue an ABX Air ID badge with appropriate designations (e.g. jumpseat authorization) to each employee upon hire or rehire, to be used for identification and timekeeping purposes. These ID badges are the property of ABX Air. You must surrender them to management or Human Resources upon leaving active employment for any reason.
bulletAll employees must have a valid badge(s) when reporting to work.
bulletEmployees must comply with all requirements associated with their specific airport location with reference to ID badge(s).
bulletEmployees are required to show their badge at a guard post when entering or leaving, or upon request by ABX Air management, Security, Postal Personnel, or law enforcement personnel.
bulletABX Air ID badges are issued exclusively to employees and may not be used by any other person.
bulletAny employee who either loses or misplaces/forgets their badge must present a government-issued photo identification to gain access to the facility.
bulletIf an airport badge is lost, a temporary badge is typically issued, and a request for a replacement badge must be made immediately. A temporary pass usually will be issued for only 2-3 business days. A badge replacement fee will be charged.

Core Requirements: Company Property/Facilities

bulletEmployees are not permitted to enter or remain on Company premises or other work areas unless on duty, meeting with management or Human Resources, or with express permission from management.
bulletEmployees permitted to park on airport or company premises must comply with all parking and traffic regulations. Failure to do so may result in ticketing, booting (devices applied to immobilize vehicle) or towing at your expense with or without prior notice.
bulletAn appropriate, government-issued placard or plate must be displayed in the vehicle for any employee utilizing parking areas reserved for the disabled. Requests for special accommodations due to temporary disability must be made through ABX Air management or airport security.
bulletFailure to follow established airport guidelines or breach of this policy may result in occurrences and/or disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

Employee Responsibility

bulletDisplay and use your badge(s) in accordance with all requirements of this policy and your airport location.
bulletNever allow another person to gain access to any facility utilizing your ID badge.
bulletNever allow another employee to scan your badge for timekeeping purposes.
bulletChallenge anyone who is not properly badged or if they are in an area where it appears they are not allowed. Notify a member of management or security immediately. Do not place yourself or others in dangerous situations, and if you believe making a verbal challenge would do so, immediately enlist support from management, Security, or law enforcement personnel.
bulletImmediately report a lost, stolen, or misplaced badge to ABX Air management, Human Resources, or Security.
bulletFollow all company and airport security requirements and guidelines.
bulletComply with all requests for search of property or person. Remain respectful at all times and report any believed inappropriate behavior to ABX Air management immediately.

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