Jump Seat Travel Policy
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The purpose of cockpit jump seats is to provide space on our flight decks for FAA observations. When the FAA is not using them, and with their authorization, licensed pilots, licensed ABX Air mechanics, licensed dispatchers, ABX Air employees traveling for safety or operational purposes, and Directors and Executives of ABX Air traveling for business purposes may be authorized to occupy the jump seats, as well as other flight deck passenger seats or seats located outside the flight deck on the freighter aircraft.

Jump seat or other passenger seat authorization is granted only by the FAA and only through ABX Airís Vice President of Flight Operations or Director of Flight Operations. Even with that permission, the final authority for anyone occupying any seat in the aircraft rests with the Captain of the flight. The Captain must consider the safety of that particular flight above all other considerations. In all cases, the Flight Operations Manual Procedures approved by the FAA will govern ABX Air jump seat travel.

Core Requirements

This policy is intended to provide guidance to authorized persons regarding their conduct when utilizing this privilege.

bulletAccess is limited to persons known not to be a threat to public safety. Persons listed on the Transportation Security Administration "No Fly" or "Selectee" list will not be permitted access to the flight deck.
bulletFlight deck access is granted only to persons who are trained annually in flight deck safety procedures and who are able to perform independently in emergency situations including emergency evacuations.
bulletNo person shall be permitted to occupy a jump seat on board ABX Air aircraft if, within the previous five years, that person has been convicted of, or found not guilty by reason of insanity of, any violent crime or crime involving the interference with commercial aircraft or airport operations.
bulletEmployees must confer with their department International Work Coordinators when arranging international travel.
bulletThe Captain will ensure the identities of individuals not personally known to the pilot in command, or vouched for by a person known by the pilot in command, are verified by two forms of identification, one of which must be a government-issued photo identification. The ID verification must be carried out by the Captain assigned to duty in the aircraft.
bulletEmployees on leaves of absence of any kind are not eligible to travel on the system.
bulletRequests to travel may be made online via an ABX Air System Travel - Business Form (or on the online Forms page) approved by a Director or above.
bulletFlight cancellations must be coordinated through the Flight Office.
bulletInternational Travel requires specific procedures, and appropriate lead time must be given to ensure all guidelines are met. Management is responsible for monitoring and completing all steps of the process.
bulletPersons believed to be under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances will not be allowed on an ABX Air aircraft.
bulletAlcoholic beverages, controlled substances, or tobacco products are not allowed on ABX Air aircraft and will not be consumed on board our aircraft.
bulletIn NO EVENT should a jump seat rider (other than FAA inspectors or other crew operating in an official capacity) enter the cockpit without an operating crewmember present.
bulletTo ensure the safe use of oxygen masks, beards, goatees, fu-manchus, excessively long sideburns, or anything else that interfere with proper use of the masks are not permitted for jump seat riders.
bulletFlights will not be held due to the late arrival of a jump seat rider.
bulletRiders should arrive 2 hours in advance of departure to accomplish screening.

Employee Responsibility

bulletComply with all jump seat travel rules.
bulletBe physically able to independently egress the airplane.
bulletMaintain annual currency requirements (through the conclusion of your travel) by viewing the safety briefing and evacuation training video.
bulletReport for security screening promptly.
bulletBe respectful and quiet. Do not distract the flight crew.
bulletListen to the safety briefing, be responsible for yourself in abnormal or emergency situations, and follow crewmember direction.

Leadership Responsibility

bulletDefine the safety purpose for all persons for whom you authorize travel, except Directors or above.
bulletEnsure Passenger Safety Briefing and Evacuation Training Certification has occurred and remains current through the trip, before you request the travel.
bulletEnsure all passengers are physically able to independently egress the airplane.
bulletAll international work assignments will be routed through the appointed Department Coordinator.
bulletEnsure employees are aware of the rules related to jump seat travel.
bulletIf all parameters have been met, request travel via an ABX Air System Travel Business Form and manage changes and cancellations through the Flight Office.

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