Overtime Policy
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Occasionally it is necessary to ask or require our people to work beyond their normal schedules. Overtime is paid in accordance with state and Federal laws.

Overtime calculation

Time and one half will be paid for all hours worked in excess of forty in any one workweek. Overtime is calculated on a weekly basis. The workweek begins at Midnight on Monday morning for overtime calculation.

Only actual time worked will be included in the forty-hour workweek. Paid time off will not be included in the overtime calculation.

Shift differential and other pay premiums are included in overtime calculations.

When traveling for work assignments, travel time outside normal work hours will be paid as if they were worked time. Travel time means time spent in transit, not all time from departure to return.

For employees who hold two positions, overtime will be calculated separately for each position, not combined.


This policy applies to all hourly and non-exempt employees.

Core Responsibilities

Obtain permission before working overtime.

Ensure that employees are paid for all hours worked, even if they result in overtime that was not approved in advance.

Correctly code time worked.


The company will follow applicable state laws that are more stringent and supersede Federal law.

Exempt employees will receive their full salary for any day in which work is performed and without regard to the number of hours worked.

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