Safety and Security Overview
Reviewed Jan. 26, 2023 - Printable overview  Signed policy


It is the policy of ABX Air, Inc. to ensure that a safe, hazard-free and secure environment is created in the workplace. The management of ABX Air, Inc. is committed to eliminating hazards, minimizing potential risks, and maintaining a secure work environment through our policies, procedures, and the diligent use of risk analysis.

To meet this commitment, a Safety Management System (SMS) is maintained to identify hazards and manage safety risks. To identify these risks, ABX Air encourages safety reporting through SMS Pro at, the Safety Hotline at 800-366-3000, by email to or the WeTip Hotline at 800-782-7463.

Core Requirements
The ABX Air, Inc. Core Value of Safety states: "We are serious about Safety. Our objective is 100 percent accident free. We care for one another and always practice safe work habits. No person will be put at risk to achieve our goals."

ABX Air, Inc. fully supports all regulatory requirements regarding safety and security and will provide a safe, secure and healthy working environment.

ABX Air, Inc. will provide an active, positive accident prevention program. A goal of this program is to identify unsafe acts and conditions, and will eliminate or reduce their results.

ABX Air, Inc. will not penalize or discipline any person that brings what he or she views as a genuine safety concern to the attention of management or a fellow employee. Safety of flight related concerns may be submitted via SMS Pro confidentially or anonymously. Non-safety of flight concerns may be reported via the Safety Report Form on ABXNET. Also via SMS Pro, FAA-certificated pilots and mechanics may submit confidential ASAP reports to anonymously disclose safety concerns or FAR violations along with suggestions on how to prevent future errors. For accepted ASAP reports, this confidential program is non-punitive and the FAA encourages participation.

Employee Responsibility

  • Safety and security are also individual responsibilities and must exist in our thinking, planning and actions.
  • Employees must be knowledgeable about our safety reporting systems and realize that they have the means to quickly identify hazards and make suggestions to mitigate risks to improve safety.
  • Each employee is encouraged to demonstrate safety responsibility by working and acting safely as an integral part of every task or assignment.
  • Cooperation, teamwork, and a concentration on safe behavior are tools to help in understanding and discharging our mutual responsibilities.
  • It is important for employees in each department to include safety and security awareness in all aspects of every operation.
Leadership Responsibility
  • Responsibility for implementing the Safety and Security program rests with all levels of management.
  • Management is accountable for the accident prevention program and security in their organizations.
  • Managers will participate in the Safety Management System and be governed by its requirements.
  • The Safety and Security Program will include all departments and employees.
Please remember, ABX Air's commitment to safety and security is reflected in our Core Values, Mission Statements, Goals, and Policies. Managers can only achieve results through the efforts of their staff. Therefore, an effective Safety Management System requires commitment from both staff and management.

ABX Airís Safety and Security Policy includes the Safety Management System and is signed by the senior management team, managers of compliance, and safety professionals. This document can be found by clicking the Signed Policy link at the top of this page.