Solicitation and Distribution Policy
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In order to minimize non-work-related activities that could interfere with Customer Satisfaction, Quality, Teamwork, and Safety, ABX has established the following policy concerning solicitation and the distribution of written materials other than those directly related to the company’s business.

Core Requirements

Non-employees may not solicit or distribute written materials of any kind at any time on premises that are owned, leased, operated, managed or controlled by ABX.

Employees may not solicit other employees during the workday when either the person doing the solicitation or the person being solicited is engaged in or required to be performing work tasks.

Employees may not distribute written materials of any kind during the workday when either the distributing employee or the employee receiving the materials is engaged in or required to be performing work tasks.

Additionally, distribution of written materials of any kind by ABX employees is prohibited at all times in all working areas on company premises.

Employees may solicit other employees when both parties are on non-work time. Employees may distribute written materials in non-work areas during non-work time.

The sole exceptions to this policy are charitable and community activities supported and approved by ABX.

Company bulletin boards are the only areas where any merchandise or notices may be placed. Such items must meet the guidelines established by the Communications Department. Department management must approve any departmental postings.

ABX reserves the right to discontinue any solicitation or distribution if the activities become disruptive to employees or the efficient operation of the company’s business.

Employees are required to leave company premises and other work areas at the completion of their shifts. Employees are not permitted to enter or remain on company premises or work areas unless the employee is on duty, scheduled for work, coming to or departing from scheduled work, or otherwise has specific authorization from a manager or above.


Company "premises": property owned, leased, operated, managed or controlled by the company, including buildings, parking lots, and airport ramp areas that the company has the right to use exclusively or in common with others, aircraft and other vehicles owned or operated by the company, and any location where company-sponsored activities are taking place, such as restaurants, banquet halls, athletic facilities, parks or other recreational facilities.

Work time: any time when employees are engaged in or required to be performing work tasks. Work time does not include break periods, meal times, or other periods during the workday when employees are properly not engaged in performing their work tasks.

Work areas: all areas controlled by the company where employees are performing work, except cafeterias, employee break areas, and parking lots (non-work areas).

Employee Responsibility

bulletIf you have a need to solicit and/or distribute materials on company premises, it must be in compliance with this policy. If you have questions, talk with your supervisor or employee relations.
bulletIf solicitation or distribution is conducted within the parameters of this policy, the manner of activities must not harass or intimidate other employees. If you are subjected to such behavior at any time, report the activity to your supervisor.
bulletIf solicitation or distribution occurs while you are working, report the activity to your supervisor.

Leadership Responsibility

bulletMonitor your work areas and enforce the solicitation and distribution rules consistently.
bulletReview the solicitation/distribution policy with employees periodically.
bulletWhen employees have questions about activities involving solicitation or distribution, consult with management or employee relations to ensure there is consistency in application.

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Revision History:
Nov. 10, 2005