Workers' Compensation Policy
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All employees paid through the ABX Air payroll system are covered by the company's Workers’ Compensation program. The intent of the Workers’ Compensation program is to provide compensation to an employee who is off work due to a work-related injury or illness.

Core Requirements

bulletWithin Ohio, ABX Air self-insures its Workers’ Compensation obligations. This means the company pays compensation and benefits directly to the injured or ill employee and to his or her healthcare providers. ABX Air follows guidelines established by the State of Ohio and is monitored by the Industrial Commission and Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.
bulletOutside of Ohio, ABX Air contracts with various state agencies and insurance companies to provide Workers’ Compensation coverage per applicable state regulations.


Absences resulting from Workers’ Compensation claims will not count as an attendance occurrence unless the company is disputing the claim. Workers' Compensation cases that go to hearing will not have the occurrences reversed, regardless of the outcome of the hearing, due to the length of hearing process.


bulletBureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC): Each State has a division that administers and regulates guidelines for injured workers and employers. This is usually the Division of Labor.
bulletIndustrial Commission: In Ohio the Industrial Commission is the organization that hears and decides contested Workers’ Compensation claims and issues by judicial procedure.
bulletQualified Health Plan (QHP): In Ohio a Qualified Health Plan is an individual employer’s unique healthcare network that can provide all the necessary medical care and services to injured workers.

Employee Responsibility

bulletReport the incident to a member of management and help complete an accident report before the start of your next shift, unless you are physically unable.
bulletObtain and review the paperwork packet that is attached to the accident report. This packet contains important guidelines to follow when filing a Workers’ Compensation claim.
bulletIf you require medical attention or missed work due to your injury, contact Human Resources within 24 hours.
bulletIf medical attention is required:

Within the State of Ohio: Seek treatment from a provider in the Qualified Health Plan. (Found on the web at, or call Human Resources for the names of QHP Physicians.

Outside of Ohio: See the Workers’ Compensation provider list posted on the Communications Centers at your location or contact Human Resources for assistance.

bulletHave your physician complete an employee work status report and provide it to the Human Resources Department.
bulletContact Human Resources immediately after your medical treatment for further instructions.

Leadership Responsibility

bulletUpon notification of an on-the-job injury, assist the employee with completion of an accident report.
bulletProvide the attached paperwork packet to the injured employee.
bulletIf one whole work shift is missed, submit a Leave of Absence Request Form.
bulletContact Human Resources for questions concerning attendance, leave of absence, and pay issues.

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