Workplace Search Policy
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Safety and Customer Satisfaction are core values at ABX Air, Inc. We are committed to safeguarding the security of our people, the security of our properties and facilities, and the property of our customers. From time to time we may conduct workplace searches to preserve the security of our people and our business.

Core Requirements

bulletABX Air reserves the right to ask you questions and conduct personal searches of employees and all other persons in any of our properties or facilities.
bulletWe will always treat everyone in a respectful and professional manner.
bulletYou may be required, upon the company’s request, to submit to a search of any package, bag, purse, pocket, briefcase, parcel, toolbox, lunchbox, or other container.
bulletWe have the right to search any desk, file, computer file, e-mail, telephone voice mail, locker, cabinet, or other container provided to employees by the company regardless of whether secured with a personal or a company-issued lock or password.
bulletWe have the right to search any vehicle brought onto company premises.
bulletTo avoid inconvenience, employees are encouraged to bring only necessary items to work. When removing items from our property, you must obtain a Permission-to-Remove Form from your leadership. Since Security has no way of knowing what is your personal property, a Permission-to-Remove Form also is required for the removal of personal property (like CDs, books, etc).
bulletYou should not bring anything to work that you would be unwilling to have searched upon request.
bulletRefusal to submit to a search when requested to do so may subject you to discipline, up to and including discharge.


We-Tip Hotline: a crime prevention program in which you can report theft to a confidential hotline, 1-800-78CRIME.

Employee Responsibility

bulletHelp us maintain a secure workplace.
bulletReport any theft or suspicious behavior immediately to your supervisor, security personnel, Corporate Security, or the We-Tip hotline.
bulletCooperate with and remain respectful toward security or management while searches are being conducted.
bulletAssist with the search process.

Leadership Responsibility

bulletImmediately involve Corporate Security when there is a reasonable suspicion of theft or possession of a weapon on our property.
bulletSupport the company’s position by explaining to employees the reasoning and necessity for conducting searches.
bulletAddress any employee concerns about the search process.

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