Bereavement Policy
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We support our people during times of personal loss, and understand that employees may need additional time off for various reasons.

Core Requirements

bulletUp to three days leave with full pay may be granted for a death in the immediate family.
bulletThese three bereavement days are not counted as an occurrence under the attendance policy. Any additional time off would be considered as unpaid unless vacation and/or holiday time is used.
bulletThis policy applies to all non-bargaining unit employees.

Immediate Family Members

Immediate family members under this policy are defined as:

bulletParents or legal guardians
bulletPresent spouse’s parents or legal guardians
bulletOne set each of the employee’s paternal and maternal grandparents.
bulletCurrent step-parents

Employee Responsibility

bulletAn employee who needs bereavement time should notify his or her supervisor as soon as possible.
bulletThe employee may be required to provide evidence of the immediate family member’s death, such as a copy of the death certificate or a copy of the newspaper obituary.
bulletAn employee who requires additional time beyond that provided in this policy should discuss the situation with his or her supervisor. Options include using vacation and/or holiday time or an unpaid personal leave.

Leadership Responsibility

bulletManagers should notify Human Resources when one of their employees requests Bereavement days.
bulletThe death of an immediate family member can be extremely traumatic. Supervisors should be sensitive to the need for additional time off in some cases.
bulletBereavement days should be coded as P 1, 2, or 3 N. No occurrence is given for bereavement days.

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