Corporate Travel Policy
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This policy governs ABX Air business-related travel. All business travel (air, lodging, and surface) must be arranged based on company and departmental policy. International travel costs are significant and specific guidelines are addressed below.

Core Requirements

Typically, travel arrangements will be made through your department’s administrative personnel, using ABX Air’s preferred travel agency, Global Crew Logistics/Corporate Travel Consultants II (GCL/CTC2) interfaces. The travel agency (and its online booking tool) prioritizes booking options, follows corporate policy, and searches for the best price within the given parameters. ABX Air strongly discourages travel arrangements that do not follow this policy. Report all exceptions to policies and procedures to your supervisor.

International Travel
bulletAll international travel reservations are to be made either through the designated department travel coordinator or the Travel Coordinator in the Flight Department.
bulletAll those traveling internationally must fly via coach (unless otherwise provided under a Collective Bargaining Agreement). Ticketing should be made no less than two (2) weeks in advance if at all possible to secure as low a ticket price as possible.
bulletEmployees traveling for ABX Air business with single segments of eight (8) hours or more of flight time will be provided an allowance of $350 round trip when traveling via coach. The allowance can be used towards the cost of preferred economy seating such as “Economy Comfort” seating or for bulkhead or emergency exit row seating or paid as cash compensation to the employee. Exceptions to this policy must be authorized by a Vice President or above.

Employee Responsibility

bulletEmployees are not authorized to make business travel arrangements with airlines, directly or through third parties (e.g. Expedia, Travelocity, etc). Before committing to any travel arrangements, you must notify your supervisor (or above).
bulletEmployees must have their company identification card with them at all times while traveling on business. Dress should be casual business attire or a crew member’s uniform.
bulletAll travel must be charged to an ABX Air corporate credit card or your personal credit card, within ABX Air expense reporting/reimbursement policies. You must retain all original, itemized receipts (remember meal receipts must show itemized food and beverage items) and itinerary documents, and submit them with your expense reports or credit card statement.
bulletEmployees are encouraged to plan well in advance for international travel; booking travel 30 days in advance can result in cost savings of as much as 50 percent. All travel will be via coach with an allowance given if eligible. Allowance is subject to all applicable taxes.
bulletTravelers are responsible for monitoring their passport expiration dates and knowing the visa requirements for their destination.

Leadership Responsibility

bulletThe Standard Operation Procedures governing Corporate Travel, found on the Management Resources web site on ABXnet, should be used in booking all travel arrangements.
bulletBooking travel in advance is generally accepted as the best method for controlling costs and impact of travel. Management is encouraged to discuss any required travel for employees as soon as possible to allow maximum time for subsequent booking of travel.
bulletExpense reports must be approved and Management is accountable to following proper Expense Accounting procedures.
bulletVice-President level approval is required for the attendance of more than one employee at a conference or other industry event.

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