Retirement & CAP/401(k) Plans

How safe are the assets in the Retirement and 401(k) plan?

Are the 401(k) fund performance criteria/goals available for review?

Can a copy of the plan's 5500 financial report be available to review?

Who is on the Retirement Advisory Committee and how can employees provide input to the Committee?

Health Insurance

How does the Enhanced PPO plan cover Emergency Room use? 

How Does the Mail Order Prescription Program work?

Do I need a referral to see a specialist?

Are pre-existing conditions covered?

Do I need to name a Primary Care Physician?

How does the Maximum Non-Network Reimbursement Program (MNRP) work?

Do I need to medical service pre-authorized?

Is there a required prescription drug list?

How does the Enhanced PPO cover office visits and Urgent Care visits?

Must I use a network doctor?

What are my Privacy Rights under HIPAA?

Dental Insurance

What is a preferred dental provider?

Life Insurance & Disability Benefits

Does the Life Insurance pay my beneficiary in the event of an aviation accident?

Family and Medical Leave

Why do I need to have my doctor complete FMLA forms?

Sick Time

Can we have accumulated sick time paid out at retirement?


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